An Insight into Heavy Towing Calgary used for Accidents and Mishaps

Calgary Towing ServicesThere are various different situations in which it gets really important to tow vehicles or other material. For instance, in case if any mishap or roadside accident involving heavier vehicle take place commercial towing companies Calgary will prove a best rescue for the situation. A prompt and adequate clearing after any accident is a must when it involves any large vehicle such as huge sized rigs, buses, trucks, loaded trailers, motor homes and so on as these block the roads and create usage trouble for other road users. All sorts of mess including glasses, metallic, plastic, and other material wastes and debris also create trouble.

A quick look at the different types of commercial equipment for the purpose can be handier when you look forward to get the assistance in the case of an emergency. Below is a list of commercial equipment types that are often used for Calgary towing services in case of some mishap or accident, just have a look!

Hook and Chain Trucks – These are more popularly known as belt lift or sling trucks that uses chains in loop forms around the axle together with a boom winch that is used for positioning the car in such a way that it can easily be towed using the other axle. They work the best when one has to haul vehicles from which the wheels go missing as well as for those with steel bumpers.

Boom Trucks – These are special trucks offering adjustable boom winch used for the places where it is not convenient or safe to use tow trucks. In case a vehicle gets stuck in some ditch or it is the case of its being ploughed over some kind of embankment, this kind of equipment works the best as the boom winch pulls the vehicle safe way.

Flatbed Trucks – These are the ones that have flat surface or a system that can be hydraulically inclined or can be brought down to the ground in order to drive or winch the vehicle onto the machine for the purpose of removal. The process is often known as rollback or slide.

Wheel lifts – It is another kind of hook and chain towing services Calgary but in a more modern form. It uses large sized metal spans that cover up the wheels either on the front or on the rear part and then hoists the vehicle hydraulically above the ground for picking it up. This kind of arrangement won’t show any connection with the axles but there will be association with the from wheels on the cars or truces that are front wheel drive as well to the rear options for the ones that are rear wheel drive type. This particular device also has another name which is ‘spectacle lift’ as has an appearance similar to a pair of eyeglasses of square shape.

Self Loader – This machine is generally used for special governmental operations that remove the vehicles parked in non-parking areas. Technically an integrated truck, it uses up a system that has boom and wheel lift that make is possible to lift vehicles without the need of asking its driver to exit.

The above discussed machines and equipments are some of the major heavy towing Calgary equipment and occupy important place in the towing business. If you are ever in need of getting any heavy vehicle lifted, especially in case of an accident check out for towing companies Calgary that offer some of these machines.